Light of the World

Light of the World

We recently got black out curtains and I can’t say I’m their biggest fan. Waking up in a cave isn’t my preference, but I’ve noticed in the mornings how bright light is! When it’s pitch black that even the smallest amount of light fills the space and blinds us, it’s painful to even open your eyes. We live in a fallen, dark world. And the darker it is, the brighter Jesus shines. Just like the sun coming into our room when the door open, so is Jesus to those suffering in brokenness, sin, pain, suffering, trauma, anxiety, depression, sickness, and hopelessness. This light shines brighter than anything we can imagine. It wakes us out of our slumber and calls us into the world.

Throughout the Gospel of John, we see Jesus making claims and laying out evidence of His fulfillment of prophesies of the Messiah and His reference to being the light of the world is no different. Throughout Isaiah there are prophesies of the coming Savior and how He’d be a light to the nations, bringing justice and righteousness to set the prisoners of darkness free (Isaiah 9:1-7; Isaiah 42:1-9; Isaiah 49:1-13).

Jesus makes clear claims that He is this life-giving light. (John 12:46; John 12:35-36)

Then Jesus spoke to them again, “I am the light of the world. Anyone who follows Me will never walk in the darkness but will have the light of life.” John 8:12

John 8:12

Life was in Him and that life was the light of men. That light shines in the darkness, yet the darkness did not overcome it.

John 1:4-5

While many still did not believe His testimony, others did. As we continue to read in John 8, these new believers were still confused about how Jesus will set them free when they have never been slaves. “Jesus responded; I assure you: Everyone who commits a sin is a slave of sin. A slave does not remain in the household forever, but a son does remain forever. Therefore, if the Son sets you free, you really will be free.” John 8:34-36

We were all slaves. Captives of darkness.

But we see the light and as much as it hurts to open our eyes as light wakes us out of the darkness, we squint and adjust to this new way of seeing. Soon our eyes are wide open, no more stumbling around (John 11:9-10), we can see the full beauty of the world. We can now see God’s justice. God’s righteousness. His holiness, love, goodness, mercy, justice, righteousness – His light. Out of His mercy and justice, He sent His only Son into the world to take our place on the cross, taking our place and all of God’s wrath with Him. Out of His mercy, we now see His light. Such a sacrifice is so counter-intuitive to human nature, to have such selfless love is beyond what we can comprehend. It’s because of how inconceivable it is that we are so drawn to Him.

Like bugs heading towards a bright light, so are we heading towards Jesus. The story doesn’t end once we understand the life-giving light we’ve been offered; we are also told to reflect it.

“In the same way, let your light shine before men, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in heaven.”

Matthew 5:16

“While you have the light, believe in the light so that you may become sons of light.”

John 12:36

The ministry of Jesus didn’t end when He died on the cross. We have the opportunity to reflect His light to the world every day. As image-bearers and children of God, it has always been intended that we reflect God’s character. While we were slaves to sin, our ability to reflect God was disrupted, but once we know the life-giving light of the world, we have the light within us. We know whose we are and who He is. Jesus isn’t walking among us anymore, but He left the light and the spirit within us, sending us out to the nations to free captives of darkness and shine the light of God among the blind. Bringing true justice, true righteousness, and true everlasting freedom.

We will continue to be sons and daughters of the light, being an example of the Kingdom coming until such time that Christ returns and brings the New Jerusalem (Revelation 21:22-27)

“The city does not need the sun or the moon to shine on it, because God’s glory illuminates it, and it’s lamp is the Lamb.”

Revelation 21:23

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