The Parachurch: How it Builds the Church

The Parachurch: How it Builds the Church

As much as parachurches can get knocked on as taking away from the local church, there are many benefits that healthy parachurch organizations can bring to the table and support the local Christian community. A great parachurch organization is able to actually make the local church stronger through supplementing and enhances the church, let’s look at a couple ways this can happen


Churches have a variety of discipleship opportunities available to their members, some have lots of options and some really don’t. Parachurch organizations can do a lot to supplement discipleship programs. Many people get involved in a specific organization because of their interests or allows them to use their giftings for a cause, that likely their Church isn’t able to do. With intentionality, organizations can invest in these volunteers with Bible studies, classes, and leadership training. Volunteering side by side also allows organic Gospel conversations to take place, where you can do real life together. I’ve spent a lot of time with volunteers answering questions about the Bible, God, doing Bible studies, challenging them in how they serve others, learning from volunteers, and more that would never happen when we’re just attending church together on a Sunday.

The Great Commission

The Great Commission is to go out to spread the Good News and make Disciples. Evangelism should happen in all spheres of your life, but sharing the Gospel has a unique advantage in parachurch orgs. Churches spend so much time trying to be seeker friendly and making new people feel comfortable, but one of the easiest ways is to go out to intersect people were they already are. A lot of parachurch organizations are like a bridge from people to the church. There isn’t the intimidation of walking into a Church building and people come to the organization because they need something; it is a great opportunity to start building relationships and invite others to church with you. I think about that fact that our parachurch org sees thousands of families every year, 90% don’t know Jesus and most are in some form of hurt or crisis, what an opportunity for the Church to share the Good News and hope that people so desperately need in their lives.

Bigger Kingdom Impact

It may sound cheesy to say, but we really can do bigger and better things together. Pastors leading churches have so much on their plates, can they really engage their church in every social issue? No, they are busy preaching and teaching their members. But churches can strategically partner Christian organizations that have a specific focus, more resources and connections, and the ability to reach a larger audience. When we pull on the strength of the local church and on Christian parachurch organizations, we can do a lot more to make a Kingdom impact in our communities because both are pulling on different strengths, just like we’re supposed to be our different parts of the body with our spiritual gifts to make the Church whole. Plus, you can have the benefit of volunteering alongside people of other churches and see the larger church moving across the community.

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